Family Bike Ride


Today we decided to load up the bikes and head to Waterton Canyon in Colorado. We had a really nice time. My bike is a Schwinn Hybrid so it isn’t truly made for this type of trip. It made my trip up the mountain a lot more strenuous than Tom’s with his expensive mountain bike. Not to mention I had an extra 40lbs on my bike with the baby and the extra equipment. I still had a great time though. About 45 minutes into our trip dark clouds started rolling in. We started seeing lightning and hearing thunder, and that is when we decided to turn back. I wanted to find a place to eat our lunches. We made Audrey PB & J and she loved it! She almost ate the whole thing. At the end of our lunch we realized that Audrey had a huge blow out EW!!! I had to wash her with our water bottles. It was a terrible mess. The rest of the day was nice because we were all tired and we could relax together. BUT our poor little baby was sick sick sick and she was very unhappy. All in all it was a nice day.