What A Wonderful Idea!

020 023

What a BEAUTIFUL day we expected when we planned to rent a boat to go out onto the lake with. We had everything set up…..YAY we get to ride in a boat for a few hours. Once we arrived at the Marina we noticed some very puffy grey clouds coming in from the West. The weather report said that there was rain coming.

We decided to go take our chances. Our boat was very nice and clean and actually pretty inexpensive for 2 hours – $125. Once we got out onto the water we went as fast as we could and tried to go over every wave we saw. But we noticed those clouds getting closer and closer. By the time we were out on the lake for 45 minutes the water had become choppy and the wind was sooooooo icy! I was starting to see the day changing direction.


After another 10 minutes it was raining and we couldn’t avoid getting splashed by the 40 degree lake water. Every bump we went over sent a spray of ice water in our faces. By this time our clothing was soaked, we were all huddled on the floor of the boat to try to stay lukewarm, and we were still out in the middle of the lake.


We decided to head back. The sky was completely dark now and the rain was falling. Being soaked on a freezing lake with an icy breeze was not what we expected when we arrived. In the end we got off the boat safely. Although freezing, soaked, and………. did I mention FREEZING, we now have a story to share with all of you.

I would like to do this again sometime, but next time we will be checking the forecast!

044 045

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