Caketable1 SmashCake1

We had Audrey’s birthday party this Saturday. I had too much fun decorating. I LOVE party planning and this was so much fun for me. From the invitations to the party decorations, I loved it all. I love DIY projects so I think I see so much possibility when it comes to parties. I was disappointed that a lot of the people we invited didn’t show up. It’s always funny to see who is really supportive and who has better things to do. But we did have about 15 people there so it was still good. My centerpiece of the event was the cake table. I will post more pictures once I get them but here’s a little taste. Audrey had a good time and she loved her jumping castle. She was so funny with her smash cake, such a lady. She was starting to melt down after 4 because she was tired, but once everyone left at 5 she was fine and happy.

I have to collect all my DIY projects and post some videos and instructions for everyone.

IMG_0951 IMG_0955

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