Driving To Texas!

IMG_1694 IMG_1701 IMG_1713 IMG_1717   This year we are spending Thanksgiving in Texas with my sister. We took our time driving down which was nice. We would drive a few hours each day during Audrey’s nap times. The first night we drove through blizzard conditions from Denver to Trinidad CO. We stayed at a Comfort Inn that night and Audrey’s really didn’t let us sleep. I think she was getting used to the driving schedule. The roads were so slick and there was just so much ice and snow everywhere. The next morning we took a dip in the indoor pool, which was actually COLD! Saturday we drove from Trinidad to Childress TX. It was blizzard conditions yet again, and the drive was pretty boring. We almost ran out of gas too. Women DO NOT trust your men to keep track!!! We watched as the gas predictor went from 30 to 20 to 13 and then just started blinking as if to say “FILL ME UP NOWWWWWW!”. In Childress we ate dinner at a Chinese buffet and the owner had her children there so Audrey got to play with them for over an hour. Her baby was 10 months old and had 4 teeth! Our baby girl still has ZERO! That night we stayed at a Hampton Inn, and you all know how much I LOVE Hampton Inns. This one was not as nice as other Hampton Inns, but it was still nice. We had a nice swim in their indoor pool the next morning before we left. We left Childress and drove to Dallas Sunday. It was a shorter drive and it wasn’t snowing so that was great. We stayed at a Candlewood Suites near downtown. This hotel was an extended stay type of place so we got a room with a living room, kitchen, and bedroom for $85. It was really nice being able to set Audrey’s crib up in the living room. The poor baby has had a nasty cough the last few days so she’s been waking us up quite a bit. It’s hard hearing your little baby cough all night.  IMG_1735 IMG_1737 IMG_1743   The next morning we kind of took our time getting our of Dallas. We stopped at Dealey plaza to see the area where JFK was assassinated. We were pretty disappointed with the memorial they has set up. It was basically a concrete square. We didn’t stay long. It was freezing there and our hands were ice blocks. It took us about 4 hours to get to Houston from Dallas. That leg was pretty bad too. The rain was nearly blinding. It didn’t let up the whole time we were on the road. It was pretty intense, but we finally made it to the guest house we are renting. We used https://www.airbnb.com/ to find a place to stay and so far we have been very impressed.

70’s Gala



Last night we went to a charity event to support breast cancer treatment and prevention. It was a 70’s themed gala and they were encouraging everyone to dress up. When we arrived there was hardly anyone who had dressed up. I rarely dress up for these things but tonight we kind of did. It was pretty easy for Tom. All he needed was chest hair and a girly man shirt. I had this dress I bought at ROSS like 8 years ago that I never wore, and it turned out to be a great fit when I paired it with boots. The ABBA cover band was there also. The last few times we have gone to dance lessons we have been practicing the hustle and cha cha. We knew this event was coming up and we wanted to be able to dance……..good. We started taking dance lessons to begin with because we wanted to be able to dance at these types of things. And the hustle was perfect for this thing! We even got compliments! Someone came up to us and said “you two are really fun to watch dance!”. I take that as a sign that we are doing good. Well I AM at least haha.

Polka Dots & Stripes



I have a large collection of tights that have been purchased throughout the years. I found these polka dot tights that I bought from H&M a long time ago. I always had a hard time wearing them because I felt like they made me look childish or tacky. But I found a way to kind of tone them down by wearing knee high socks over them. The brown boots are from Forever 21 and I wore them because I felt like black boots would create a darker look than I wanted. The shirt is adorable and it was actually a gift from my older sister.

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

IMG_1521 IMG_1523 IMG_1527 IMG_1541


Saturday we decorated for Christmas! I love the lights on the house this year. We really did a great job. We also put up the Christmas tree! Audrey was running around naked, not really trying to help. She was more interested in taking the ornaments off of the tree. She’s such a good baby. I’m watching her in the corner quietly playing by herself. Our tree looks amazing in our newly painted family room. We decided to wrap our gifts in pink and green and I can’t wait to get some presents under the tree. In fact, I already bought half of the Christmas gifts haha. Its never too early. I hope your Christmas decorations are all coming up nicely as well.

DIY Wreath


I bought this old wreath at Goodwill for $3. It was old and ugly, but it had a good skeleton. I decided to use it to create my own wreath. Using a hot glue gun, I applied left over ornaments and ribbon from last years Christmas. All these ornaments were plastic and I had a ton extra. Every year after Christmas I raid the local stores for the 75% off sales. I bought tons of beautiful glass ornaments at Walmart this last year for about $10. Needless to say, I have a lot of extra ornaments now.


I loved how it turned out and it was such a quick project. Glue guns are really so amazing. Where would us DIY-ers be without them? This is the finished project. It’s beautiful, updated and on my front door now!




Today I went for comfort! I just wore a loose fitting brown shirt over some jeggings. The black boots are a Forever 21 find and so are the jeggings. My mom gave me this top when I was pregnant but I still love to wear it. I dress for comfort most days, but that doesn’t mean I am reduced to sweat pants and flip flops. The boots aren’t that comfortable yet…….hopefully after a few days of being worn they will be. If things are uncomfortable they end up sitting in my closet until I donate them. I rarely have the patience to wear things until they are “worn in” unless I have to. But I am more budget conscious than comfort conscious. Since these boots were only $40 compared to the other pair I was looking at for $198, I think I can handle a few days of toe torture!

My Favorite Lipstick Dupe!

IMG_1436 IMG_1437

I love my Too Faced lipsticks actually I love Too Faced makeup in general. But their lipsticks are phenomenal. They are so shiny and smooth with a good amount of color. They are $20+ a piece which is a big down side if you are on a budget……and lets face it, most of us are OR should be! I have been very interested in the the FLOWER cosmetic line that is starting to show up in Wal-Mart. Today I picked up a few lipsticks and one of them is a perfect dupe for my Too Faced, Naked Dolly. In the picture I have Naked Dolly on the top lip and Morning Glory by FLOWER on the bottom. As you can see they are very very similar. When I swatch them on my hand the Morning Glory looks a lot more pink, whereas the Naked Dolly looks like a pinky nude. But on the lips they are very similar. I paid $22 at Ulta for my Naked Dolly and it’s just about empty. At Wal-Mart I paid $6.95 for the Morning Glory by FLOWER. The color is a hit, but now I need to see how the FLOWER lipsticks wear. I hate lipsticks that dry out my lips and most of them seem to do that. The FLOWER case is a lot bulkier than the little metal case that Too Faced lipsticks have, so Too Face wins that one. But FLOWER seems to be busting out of the gates at full speed. So far I’ve been impressed with their color options and quality. This may be my ‘go to’ drugstore lipstick brand……eventually.

Wearing Skirts In The Winter

IMG_1391 IMG_1407


Welcome to my very first fashion-ish post! I love clothes and makeup but I don’t ever take the time to show you what I like to wear. I figured I’d start this winter. I always find it super challenging to dress myself in the winter. I have to fight the urge to throw on the sweat pants and boots every day. Let’s face it, when it’s 15 degrees outside all we really want is it be WARM! I have drawers full of tights and socks that I never really use, BUT NOT THIS YEAR! I’m going to use them all this winter. 

This is a Maxi skirt that I purchased from Forever 21 last week. It was only $19!!! I paired it with a crop top which happened to be a regular shirt I just cut in half. My socks are thigh high socks that are also from Forever 21, and the boots are leather boots from Nordstrom Rack. Wearing tights or tall sweater socks are my favorite way of making an outfit warmer for the winter. I hope you guys like this outfit. I had to get over the fact that the crop tops show a little skin, and after having Audrey they may show a glimpse of my stretch marks. But whoever said that you can’t wear what you want when you have stretch marks?!

How To Remove Chicco Nextfit Shoulder Pads

I bought this carseat at Bed Bath & Beyond for $223. Normally this carseat runs between $279-$300. But I used a 20% off coupon and I got free shipping since it was over $99. While I was researching carseats for my 1 year old I was having a really tough time deciding between the Chicco or a cheaper Safety First Convertible carseat. Both carseats were equal when it came to safety, but the Chicco Nextfit had the easy clip in system. Now I don’t know how important that is anyways because our plan is to buy a carseat for each car so we wouldn’t have to worry about unhooking and hooking it back up. Was the simple installation really worth an extra $100 if we were just going to have to install it once? The next question that popped into my mind was the size. I really don’t want a bulky carseat taking up most of the space in my car. This Nextfit is quite bulky and the Safety First one wasn’t as wide but it was taller. The Chicco didn’t have the advantage when it came to size and mobility. Since I really couldn’t decide I sat my husband down and told him to compare the two and help me decide. He wanted the Chicco since the day we played with it in Babies R Us. It is very padded and it has 10 different recline position, you don’t have to re-thread the seat belts, it’s quick and easy to install and remove, it has a bubble level on the carseat so you know how to adjust it, and the fabric was very smooth and nice. So I caved and bought it.

Once the Chicco Nextfit arrived I was shocked at how heavy it was. There aren’t really handles on it so it’s a little awkward to carry around. I had read a lot of complaints about the shoulder pads and the reviews were right. These shoulder pads were horrendous. I was worried because the reviews I read had said that the shoulder pads couldn’t be removed and their had to cut them off. I wasn’t too interested in disfiguring my expensive new carseat so I looked up a way to take them off without having to cut them. My baby screamed and cried every time I tried to put her in the carseat because these rubbery shoulder pads are some sort of baby torture device. Once I removed them she sat in her carseat and actually fell asleep. I still don’t know if she likes this carseat but I know she HATED those shoulder pads. So here is a video that will show you how I removed them from my Nextfit without busting out the scissors.