Wearing Skirts In The Winter

IMG_1391 IMG_1407


Welcome to my very first fashion-ish post! I love clothes and makeup but I don’t ever take the time to show you what I like to wear. I figured I’d start this winter. I always find it super challenging to dress myself in the winter. I have to fight the urge to throw on the sweat pants and boots every day. Let’s face it, when it’s 15 degrees outside all we really want is it be WARM! I have drawers full of tights and socks that I never really use, BUT NOT THIS YEAR! I’m going to use them all this winter. 

This is a Maxi skirt that I purchased from Forever 21 last week. It was only $19!!! I paired it with a crop top which happened to be a regular shirt I just cut in half. My socks are thigh high socks that are also from Forever 21, and the boots are leather boots from Nordstrom Rack. Wearing tights or tall sweater socks are my favorite way of making an outfit warmer for the winter. I hope you guys like this outfit. I had to get over the fact that the crop tops show a little skin, and after having Audrey they may show a glimpse of my stretch marks. But whoever said that you can’t wear what you want when you have stretch marks?!

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