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It’s been snowing the last few days in Colorado. Yesterday it was a whopping 6 degrees all day. When the temperature is below 20 degrees it seems there is nothing you can do to keep warm. No matter what you will be cold, even inside my home seems more drafty. But the snow is so pretty. Today it’s already starting to melt, which means warmer weather but still not WARM. Audrey wasn’t a fan of the cold. I need to get her a warm pair of snow boots. Right now it is 1 degree outside but our high today is 12 degrees YAY! 12 degrees, it’s time to bust out the bathing suit and flip flops. We still haven’t been up to ski this season. I think we will after the Holidays. It seems like last year we started skiing earlier. It’s a great Hot Chocolate day, but I have such an aversion to hot cocoa and I don’t know why. I like drinking it, but I’d rather use those calories eating ice cream. Today I have to make myself leave the house to get some wrapping paper. We are done shopping for Christmas and now I get to wrap everything!

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