A New Baby!


Last Christmas Tom and I were walking through Costco when we saw a huge bin of GIANT TEDDY BEARS! They were the regular brown color bears and the 29.95 price tag made me pass them up. But I said “If they were Panda bears I would definitely buy it”. Well yesterday I was out doing the grocery grind and I saw one of these magical creatures riding his way to the checkout line in someones cart. I was on a mission! I had to find him. When I went to the toy section in Costco there was the same bin we had seen the year before, only this time it was filled with PANDAS AND POLAR BEARS!!!!! GASP! I looked up at the price, yuck still $29.95. But I remembered the words I said last year and this was a sign. I looked in the bin and there was only ONE panda left to adopt. It was the universe telling me we belonged together. He was so huge he was invading Audrey’s space in the cart! Everyone we passed thought the bear was for Audrey, and I let them think that. The truth is he’s MINE! But she can play with him too.

If you are wondering where my panda obsession came from, watch this video. I found it randomly on YouTube and I was hooked!

One thought on “A New Baby!

  1. Love it! I love pandas but we were conned last year by a very persuasive then two year old into buying the big brown bear from Costco! He makes a great trampoline or crash mat for lounge gymnastics!

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