Superbowl Sunday 2014

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Well the ONLY good part about the superbowl this year would be all the food! The Broncos were being dominated by the Seahawks the ENTIRE game. It was painful to watch. By the end of it we were all in the kitchen eating our sorrows away. Tom was working the whole weekend so I was scrambling to clean and cook for everyone. I made pulled pork, sugar cookies, cupcakes, pico de gullo, guacamole, devilled eggs, egg salad, strawberry shortcake, and banana pudding. I need to post recipes because everything turned out great! We have lots of leftovers which is always nice. I probably won’t have to cook for another week because of all the things we have in the freezer. Even though our team lost I’m a little glad that the Seahawks won their first Superbowl ever! The Broncos can try again next year hopefully. They are just so inconsistent and they need to work on that.

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