Ready for SPRING!

Sunday we went to try on pageant gowns which was fun. I think I found one, but I’m a little sticker shocked by the prices. I felt the most comfortable in a black one. It wasn’t as pageanty but it was ‘me’. Plus I can see myself wearing it many times if I do buy it. After, we went to the Denver Home and Garden show downtown. It was such a tease! You walk in and there are fresh flowers and trees planted in all these beautiful indoor lanscaped areas. You could SMELL spring. It seems like February is the month when I really start missing Spring. BUT to make our season ski passes cost effective we have to ski at least 7 days a season…………….so we still need a little more winter. We are going skiing this weekend too. Last year we got our last snow storm in MAY, so our winter could last quite a bit longer. But I have to admit, after that show I am misssssssing warm weather and blossoming plants. SOON!

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