Santa Fe Trip


We went to Santa Fe, NM for a week in April. We were looking forward to warm weather…………… yeah, that didn’t happen. It was cold and windy most days. We stayed at the El Dorado hotel for the first half and moved to the Hilton for the second. The Hilton was SO MUCH NICER. We wished we had stayed there the whole time. We roadtripped in down from Denver. It was about a 6 hour drive, but we stopped a lot to give the baby time to stretch her legs. Audrey hasn’t been much of a talker, well not English. She talks plenty, we just don’t understand it. This week she was talking a ton. She was pronouncing words perfectly like she’s been talking this whole time. Words like doggy, bubble, ball, cool, bye bye, car, but she says it twice like ball ball. It’s so cute hearing her start to speak Eniglish, but I know it will never end now haha! She has gotten so big. I just can’t believe how fast my little baby has grown up. Now every time I see a little baby I think “I WANT ONE!’

Santa Fe was a cute town but I think a week was too long to spend there. If the weather was nicer we would have been able to do more. Audrey also caught something so she wasn’t feeling too good. We stayed in the hotel room a lot, which I didn’t mind too much once we moved to the Hilton. One day we went to the Plaza area and there was a band playing. Audrey just LOVED it. They should have given us a portion of their tips because people were stopping by to watch her dance! You can see her dancing in our vlogs of Santa Fe. She also learned how to jump on this trip! Now she can open doors, which is pretty scary. She would run out of the hotel room whenever she could.

The drive wasn’t too strenuous. Audrey napped for half of it and then a good portion was spent watching Yo Gabba Gabba on the iPad. It was highway driving the whole way so we didn’t hit any traffic. But I definitely would not have wanted to spend any more time in the car for one day.

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