Praha! Prague



I DEFINITELY had to pose with this haha!


Our first beautiful meal together in Prague!

 IMG_0573 IMG_0576 IMG_0580 IMG_0586 IMG_0608IMG_9703

Yes that is totally a Golden Eagle that I got to hold in the castle gardens! She was 15lbs and my arm was shaking under her weight. 


We loved our time in Prague. I can definitely see myself staying in Prague for another visit. Prague is a lot cheaper than other countries and they are not part of the Euro. The city is beautiful and cozy. We also rented an apartment here from but this apartment wasn’t nearly as nice as the one in Amsterdam. Can you tell I’m partial?! It was still nice but it was kind of claustrophobic for me because it was an attic apartment so the ceiling slanted steeply in every room. There wasn’t as much light either. But it was better than any hostel. We spent a lot of time walking around Prague. We took a free walking tour from Prague Royal Walk Free Tour. It was tiring and it took a long time. We barely got to the castle and cathedral before they closed. We walked through the castle gardens and they had exotic birds there. My cousin took a picture with an owl and I got to hold a Golden Eagle! She was HUGE! I was shaking because my arm wasnt strong enough to hold her, about 15lbs. That was a lot of fun, and now I can say that I did it. I was scared though because she could have easily poked my eyes out. Of course we ended our last day in Prague with a bar and nightclub. There were plenty of options and the people were great. We actually met 4 men who danced for Thunder From Down Under in the club BAWHAHAHAHAH. That is too funy because we just tried to get away from them all night. The next day we hopped on a bus to Munich! A long motion sickness bus……..

I loved Prague. I think it’s the most liveable city I’ve visited on this trip. I would like to go back one day with my baby girl.

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