Berlin and Munich, Germany

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Our authentic German evening




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I would describe these two cities as opposites. We really didn’t like Berlin, at all. The people were scary rude. We were going to take a cab to the hostel and the first cab we came upon rudely responded “Take the bus!’. WTF…… so we ask another cab, and he says “Walk”. Ok a-holes, we understand that we can walk but it’s 10pm and we have tons of luggage. We weren’t about to walk 2 miles with all the bags our group had. That started the trip with a sour taste definitely. Once we got to the hostel – very small room with 6 beds and one bathroom, we changed and went out to dinner. We had very good Indian food that night. For some reason I wasn’t feeling that great so I couldn’t finish my meal. At this time I was missing Amsterdam more and more. After dinner we decided to go to a club called Matrix…..well because it was the only one open. First off, they carded and half of our group left their ID at the Hostel. They had to take a cab back to the hostel to pick it up and then come all the way back, what a pain! And who cards in Europe!? It was 6 Euro to get in and once we made it in we noticed that the music was bad. We are talking about 90’s music and then the occassional song from 40’s, 50’s, oh heck 60’s and 70’s too. It just made no sense. There were 2 rooms so we expected that each room must be playing a different type of music. The room we “thought” was the EDM room was fun for the first 3 songs……..and then it happened…..they played the Jitter Bug! Like WHAT? How the heck did they move from EDM to swing? Then we moved to the other room, where we noticed that all the guys were just dancing together. And there was a cage where all the men were in, dancing together…..straight men. The other side wasn’t much better with the music. They played “Blue”Eiffel 65 TWICE! That is a rookie move for a DJ. The club sucked in other words. I spent a lot of time outside breathing fresh air and trying not to piss any othe other club goers off. Even if you accidentally walked in their path they would snarl. It just wasn’t my scene at all. The night before we had so much fun in Amsterdam and everyone was so friendly, so this contrast was so painful. Ok I am going to stop here about this night because it just kept getting worse…..

Next day we wake up and head out for breakfast. It was beautiful and sunny so we sat outside at this cute cafe. We started to notice that there were bees everywhere. I’m not talking about 1 or 2 every once in a while, there were like 5-7 on our hands, food, in our drinks EVERYWHERE! They were all over the place. I swatted at one in my drink and it stung me…… We finally moved indoors where there were only 1-2 bees around constantly. Later that day on our siteseeing walk my cousin found a bee in her coffee!!!!!! The locals said this is normal for that time of the year….. We walked around site seeing and we weren’t too impressed. For the most part the people were rude, the places were crowded and industrial looking, and we just didn’t enjoy it. We left the next morning – thank God! We were so happy to leave Berlin. I’m sure others have visited and just loved it, but our visit this time didn’t go well.

We took a bus from Prague to Munich. My cousin Amberlee had been to Munich before so she was excited to go back. We knew we had to visit a concentration camp because it is a MUST SEE experience. It is such a black, evil part of history that I cannot even believe happened such a short time ago. We went to Dachau just outside of Munich. Upon arrival we really had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Before visiting Dachau I thought I knew so much about the Holocaust and I thought I would be so interested in every detail. Actually I was planning on making a trip to Auschwitz in Poland because that was the camp I had studied the most. It’s very different reading about something and looking at pictures, because the real intensity comes from being there and walking the halls that those innocent people lived and died in. It was intense. I can’t believe how heavy this visit was. We  all know about the Holocaust, but actually seeing it in person was another level. We could hardly speak the entire tour, actually no one but the guide really spoke at all. We were led through the rooms and given the history and it was horrible. I never want to see another concentration camp again. It was really hard to be there and to realize that all of this evil happened only a few decades ago. How can humans be so evil? Our guide mentioned that the children were murdered once they arrived. I couldn’t handle the thought of Audrey being taken from me and murdered in front of me. They just murdered these infants and toddlers and piled them up.  What kind of crazy would you need to be in order to murder a baby!? That was it for me. I couldn’t take my mind away from seeing Audrey in these horrible places. I think mothers experience these tours through the eyes of their babies, well at least that was my experience. Ugh I can’t even think about it without getting teary eyed.

After Dachau we really needed a break to relax because we were not in any mood to site see or be social. Eventually we were ready to emerge from our rooms and do some walking. We went to the Palace and around the City Center. We ate some German food and we decided to have an authentic German evening at a Beer Garden. None of us really drank beer but we felt like we HAD to in order to complete our German experience. The glass was HUGE! And the pretzels were even bigger. The rest of the night was lots of fun. We met some people from Italy and we all went to a bar to hang out. I had to call it a night at 3am in order to go back to my room and pack. The next morning we all had a very tired breakfast together at 7am. I was heading to Switzerland and they were going to Barcelona that day. It was sad to split up with everyone.

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