Fall Fashion Looks


I recently bought this pair on Ivanka Trump over the knee boots at Nordstrom and I wanted to find a way to wear them without looking like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. They are cloth boots with shiny gold hardware. I think they are fairly comfortable but definitely need some padding, but I can add those myself. The skirt was $4.80 at Forever 21 and the sweater is something I took from my mom :). I think if you are going to wear over the knee/thigh high anything it’s a good idea to cover everything above the thigh. This look would come out pretty trashy if I decided to wear a tank top instead of a sweater. I think these types of boots also look great with sweater dresses and over skinny jeans.


If you don’t own any over the knee socks or boots here is another cute option for fall lovers. I just paired the same outfit with some calf high white socks and some Tory Burch nude flats. Both looks are super cute and very wearable for early fall. Later in the season it may be too cold for the sock look though. I always have great ideas on what I’m going to wear during the winter months, but when it really gets cold I have a hard time wearing anything but sweat pants. Since we are moving to Texas I’m hoping I will keep up the motivation to dress cute all winter. It’s a lot easier to wear flats and heels when you don’t have to worry about slipping on ice!

Honeywell Quiet Care Cool Moisture Multi Room Humidifier HCM-6009

Colorado is the most arid place I have ever lived. It is so dry that my skin is constantly on the verge of peeling and lets not even mention how chapped my lips are. It is a big adjustment up here in the mile high city. Every year I would buy a new humidifier, and every year I was disappointed because it just didn’t do what I needed it to. Our home has a central humidifier already, but the air is so dry that the bedrooms need additional ones. Our master bedroom is pretty large so I always bought the “Large Room” humidifiers – only to discover that it would need to be filled twice a day in order to keep the humidity in the room at 40%. I prefer 50%-60% though. Filling the tanks are a chore so having to do it more than once a day is torture.

After years of buying humidifiers only to end up throwing them out after a few months, I decided to invest in a more expensive one. I figured that I probably spend $90/year on filters and humidifiers so if I just bought a more expensive unit it may last longer. And it may even WORK the way I need it to. So I bought the Honeywell HCM-6009 at Walmart.com for around $70. The price fluctuates depending on the season.


It is twice as large as anything I’ve owned before. It has 2 tanks that hold 1.7 gal of water, which means we fill one tank each evening. This humidifier took my room from 26% to 50% in 45 minutes. I can honestly say that I love this machine. It’s so simple and easy to clean, it works amazing, it is much quieter than some others I’ve owned, the list goes on. If something happened to this humidifier I would order a new one right away. The base has wheels so it’s easy to move it about the room. The filters are a bit more expensive $20-$30. I actually found an off brand on Amazon for $10 and they work fine. The only issue I’ve had would be mold and that was my fault. I left town for a while and the humidifier was just sitting there with stagnant water. The filter got moldy so I just tossed it and cleaned the rest with bleach and water. Again, it is super easy to clean. My skin has been so much happier now that it’s getting some moisture and it’s part of my skincare. I will never be without this humidifier – hopefully. Honeywell please don’t stop making this product!!!!!!!

Flawless Natural Face

Here is my routine to get a flawless face that is still very natural looking.

Products used:

Kat Von D Lock it Tattoo
Chanel Perfection Lumier
Japonesque Velvet Touch Concealer
YSL Touche Eclat
Coastal Scents Camouflage Palette
it Brushes for Ulta
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
Cle De Peau Eyebrow Pencil

Cle De Peau Concealer Review

IMG_1652 IMG_1654 IMG_1655 IMG_1656 IMG_1657

Is this a nice concealer?

– Yes I think this is a really nice concealer. I liked the packaging. It felt sturdy and luxurious. The coverage was great. I did experience the normal amount of creasing in certain areas on my face. It is a more dry concealer so it takes a little more heat from the fingers to blend. The color choices are very limited which was disappointing.

Is it worth the cost?

– No. Not in my opinion. This concealer was not a miracle concealer unfortunately. It was good, but I actually prefer my Japonesque conealer. They are both dry but the Japonesque has better staying power and coverage. This product is outrageously expensive and I have a hard time paying that much for something that doesn’t work miracles.

Would I purchase it again?

– No