Here is an update on our ever stressful life. I have been working on getting our house ready to list the last two weeks. It’s been so much work on very little sleep. I was painting, packing, cleaning, scrubbing, polishing, vacuuming, washing, lifting, and chasing a rowdy 2 year old around. Audrey added 10 times the work load. I would pack a box full of stuff and walk away to grab more……..well by the time I would come back the little munchkin had emptied them!!!!! I had to then move these very heavy boxes into the garage so the house would look pristine for showings, only to have Audrey follow behind me to lock me IN THE GARAGE. I boiled water and scrubbed the porch to clear spider webs and bird poop, I noticed Audrey being quiet and she had spilled a whole sippy cup of milk on the freshly mopped wood floors. I had no idea how much work this would be and I can’t believe I did it! Now that I worked so hard to get this house PERFECT, I have to keep it that way. I have a bedspread that I use only for showings and Audrey will take it off every chance she gets. She loves the mini throw pillow that she lovingly calls “Aude pillow”. So when I am not sweeping her crumbs in the kitchen or polishing furniture, I am constantly searching cabinets and rooms for this “Aude pillow”. I paid $340 to have window cleaners come and lately I’ve noticed that any window Audrey height has lip and finger prints. The other day I caught her licking the window!!!!! On top of all of this she has become obsessed with taking cushions off of the couches………

How did I birth the busiest baby ever!? I am convinced that she is what I get because I wasn’t an easy baby. I constantly pray that my next one is simple. I would love to have a baby that – sleeps, takes a bottle, isn’t 8lbs at birth, likes the carseat instead of screaming for HOURS (really I had no idea how a newborn baby could even have the energy to scream the whole 3 hr car ride with NO breaks), actually cried like a baby instead of shriek like a pterodactyl, says “momma” earlier than 16 months lol. I don’t think I can survive another Audrey.

BUT thank you Lord! The house IS finally listed and we are tying up other future determining issues. Our prospects look good for all our upcoming battles though. I am happy to report that my daily devotional – Trusting God Day by Day by Joyce Meyer had been a Godsend. It’s still difficult not to let emotions get entangled with the web of malignant negative thinking, but since I have been reading this devotional it’s a lot easier to remind myself that God is in control. One of the recent devotionals was all about how God lives in us and you have to ask the question “Is it comfortable for Him to live there?” Any negativity that is effecting you will make his home in you a lot less comfortable. So lately it’s been nice to focus on calming any storms that arise. It still takes effort not to slip into negative thoughts, but it’s a lot easier when I get reminded daily through my devotional. It’s good to be on God’s side because he is victorious.

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