Forever 21 Athletic Clothing

IMG_1657 IMG_1658 IMG_1659

I’ve been buying my workout clothes from Forever 21 for a few years now. I’ve tried SO many other brands from higher end Lulu Lemon to Walmart and Target. You bang for your buck when it comes to Forever 21 athletic clothing. The exercise stuff I’ve purchased there has lasted for years. Actually the first thing I bought was a pair of exercise capri pants on clearance. They were like $8 because the hem was coming undone…..and guess what I still have them! Today I had to go back and return a pair of running pants that started to come apart after 1 wear (they were my first pair made of cotton – I don’t recommend). It was past the 21 day window and the pants didn’t have tags anymore. I took in the pants and the receipt to show the manager. Lucky for me they were very nice about it and they gave me store credit. I ended up buying this set. The pants were $21.90 and the top was $15.90. This top is SO cute, and I can actually exercise in it because the sports bra is sewn in. Another win for Forever 21 athletic wear!

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