Easter 2015

Happy Easter 2015!

This was our first Easter in San Antonio and it was nice. We actually didn’t go to any of the Easter things set up around San Antonio because the whole weekend was kind of wet and cloudy. Instead we went driving around looking at pop up campers. So far no luck but we have narrowed down the type we would like to purchase. I didn’t realize how hard it is to find pop ups. Everyone seems to sell trailers or RV’s, but hardly anyone has pop ups unless they are trade ins. The Monday after Easter it was nice and sunny so we hid eggs around the yard so Audrey could find them. I get asked a lot how we like to celebrate our holidays because we tend to be on the more conservative side of the festivities. I want my kids to have fun with Easter, but not at the expense of losing WHY we celebrate Easter. Ask yourself a simple question “When my children wake up Easter morning what thoughts will cross their mind?” Will it be about Jesus and his resurrection? Or will it be about the toys and candy that they get because the Easter Bunny showed up? Realistically candy and toys will usually trump the resurrection for young children, but as they grow so should their understanding of Easter. As my children grown I would love their minds to be on God Easter morning, with an understanding that we get to hunt for goodies BECAUSE Jesus died on the cross. Not because some egg obsessed bunny runs around hiding them. If we don’t build their foundation who will?

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