It’s My Birthday!!!


Today I turned 27! Wow I still can’t believe it. I always felt like 27 was the line that once you passed you were considered “older”. That could just be my “twenty-something” year old brain still thinking dysfunctional about age. I only have one choice but to embrace it! Today was a lot less painful than I expected it to be though. It could be the ample amounts of distractions due to a fun filled camping trip to a Jelly stone Park. I didn’t plan to be camping on my birthday, it just happened this way because of Tom’s work schedule. It all worked out because we are having a nice time here. It’s amazing how different Texas camping is vs. well any place Tom and I have lived haha! This camp ground has a water park with a jumping pillow, lazer tag, arcade, and much more. I was so shocked to see that they have entertainment planned for kids with a new event starting almost every hour. It reminds me of an all inclusive resort in Mexico, except you camp! Audrey is being her social butterfly self, attempting to move into anyone’s camp that contains children. She’s been having a lot of fun and I’m happy we ended up coming. It will make this birthday even more memorable.

Tom was so good this year! I actually wrote in my journal that I thought Tom didn’t have anything planned because I told him I didn’t want anything (not true ever……). If I say I don’t really want anything it means that I don’t have a desire for any gifts, but would still appreciate some celebratory act on my birthday. Tom always surprises me because I can never tell if he will bomb or ace an occasion. This year he did wonderfully *Big Smile*. I thought he would never be able to plan something since I had been the one to plan the camping trip. I like to think I can read people so I usually know when Tom has planned something. In addition to that 80% of the time I can guess what he’s planned and what gift he bought. This time however was a complete surprise. I figured he would do the ‘guy thing’ and take my previous statement literal and do nothing.¬† Luckily he knows me pretty well. Today after lunch he and Audrey kicked me out of the camper to “prepare”. It was so cute that they were working together! Tom and Audrey came out with a plate of ice cream sandwiches – PERFECT because I don’t like cake. He even snuck away to the camp store and bought some cute yogi bear candles to light. After blowing out my candles I received cards from both him and Audrey. I adore that he got a card for Audrey to give me! I would have been thrilled if this were the end of it, but he pulled out a bag and told me to open it. He bought me a GoPro! What a wonderful hubby I have. All I really wanted was memorable special moments to remember my 27th birthday with, and he delivered that and more. I am blessed!

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