Customize Your Fitness


Lots of people ask how I lost my baby weight and how I keep it off. I freely share the tips that worked for me, but I rarely see people who actually try them. When it comes to eating and exercise you have to do what works with YOUR body. All the numbers out there used to calculate what your body needs are just estimates. They could give you numbers so far away from reality that it could hinder your fitness. Take the Max HR for example. There are several “equations” to calculate your Max HR. You’ve probably seen this equation Max HR = 220 – age, but I find it very unlikely that EVERY 20 year old in the world has a max HR of 200 bpm. So lets start with the tip that I recommend to EVERYONE – do metabolic testing.

Most gyms and fitness spas offer metabolic testing and it’s usually $100-$200. These tests will tell you what YOUR body needs. Knowing things like your VO2 Max and resting HR are important because it will teach you how to exercise for your body In addition to those, you’ll also learn how your body burns calories and in what HR zones. The first time I did metabolic testing I was on a very strict low calorie diet only to discover after the test that I wasn’t eating enough to support my body. Once I added more calories to my routine I started seeing great progress. I like to get tested twice a year in order to stay current on my fitness levels. The numbers from this test will change with your fitness levels so you’ll have to re-test to see where you are.

My second tip AFTER metabolic testing would be WEAR A HR MONITOR. How are you supposed to exercise efficiently when you have no idea what level your body is at? I am someone who tends to exercise too hard and it has caused me to suffer from “overtraining” on more than one occasion. I admit that my idea of ‘exercise’ is quite dysfunctional so I never exercise without wearing a HRM. I can use the information from metabolic testing to keep me on track and avoid injuries and plateaus. This information is out there for everyone so why not obtain it? I recommend Timex and Polar HRM with chest straps.