Happy Second Birthday Audrey!

Audrey turned 2 on October 4th. It’s funny because so many people across the world wish her happy birthday and they’ve been apart of our life since she was born…….most of them we’ve never met! I love having blog family! This is the life Audrey will be familiar with. When she makes friends in school she’ll think it’s weird that her friends DON’T have viewers all over the world who know them. This will be her normal because she’s known the blog world since she was born. It’s so cute too because she knows how to take my camera and start filming. She loves to take selfies at the moment. I love flipping through the pictures on the camera and finding her selfies haha. Sometimes she’ll zoom up so close that you just see nostril or eyeball. What a fun year it has been. Audrey went from being a cute 1 year old baby to a running, jumping, talking toddler. I really enjoyed this last year because she just grew up so fast. Every week she picked up something new. I must give Dora The Explorer a lot of the credit! Audrey has learned so much from watching that show. The last 2 weeks I have been seeing more glimpses of the “terrible twos” and I am scared. She’s a lot more…….bipolar now. Tantrums are just around the corner, well at least with me. The funny thing is, she’s a different baby with other people. I’ve noticed that she is the most difficult for me. I just don’t understand it, maybe its because I’m the person she’s with 99% of the time? She is definitely better behaved with others, even Tom.

We decided to have Audrey’s birthday here in AZ. Most of my family lives here and we thought it would be nice to let them celebrate with Audrey. Since she is now no longer a lap baby I don’t know when she’ll see them next. Tickets are just so expensive so it was nice when she was a lap child. We came back to AZ to visit quite often. I can’t even count how many times Audrey has been on an airplane. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was close to 100. We’ve flown with this girl since she was 3 weeks old. I remember she was pretty easy to fly with during breastfeeding, but once she started to crawl it was pretty rough for a while. She really never liked anyone holding her so once she figured out how to move on her own she didn’t want anyone to touch her. Luckily after a few months it got better because she started to be more distracted with food and kid shows on the ipad. But at 15 months she started to become difficult again for a while. The ipad would bore her quickly and she couldn’t entertain herself by coloring or books yet. Now at 2 years old flying is still rough but I am looking forward to having my own seat! It’s hard with a lap baby. You always have to be on your A game and you can’t relax at all. The last couple flights have been really bad. She hates being strapped down and she bores easily so a plane is basically torture. But then set an independent baby on her parents lap for a few hours and it’s amplified times 10. She’s had temper tantrums on the last 4 flights she’s been on…..yikes. I hope she’ll grown out of the tantrum phase soon. She’s really good at them…….but I’m equally as good at ignoring them.

Oh our sweet baby girl isn’t such a baby anymore. I can’t say that I miss those “baby” years yet. I miss parts of them but I wouldn’t want to send Audrey back in time. I just enjoy her so much at any age. Its so much fun to have conversations with her now. I can understand about 30% of what she says and it’s just adorable. She’s repeating everything she hears. I love when she copies “Oh Man!”. But then that also means we have to be very careful with what we say around her. Tom has to really watch it because he doesn’t filter his bad words well. She’s already picked up the lovely 4 letter word that starts with S and ends T from him. She hardly ever says it though – thank God. It’s so nice that I can say “I love you” and she’ll say “I love you too momma” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. So cute!

It’s Official! I’m 26…..


I’m an old bird!

Well today is the day folks! I am 26 now. I woke up in Vienna and I will go to sleep tonight in America. How great it that? Aside from being alone on my birthday, my trip has been amazing. I’m so lucky to be at an age where I have the opportunity to do a “backpacking” trip with my cousins, but then I can go home to a beautiful baby. It’s like the best of both worlds. I know I’m lucky. Most people have one or the other and I got to have both! This trip was definitely once in a lifetime. I will always travel and visit new places, but being able to backpack with my cousins made it unique. One day we will all have families and jobs and it will be nearly impossible to scratch out time for a trip all together. There is a very small window to take a backpacking trip like in the movies, and this one was definitely IT! There were definitely movie worthy moments. One day we’ll be like “remember that time those guys in Belgium jumped off their train to take pictures with us” or “remember when we almost missed our but to Munich!”……. Good times good times. Now I’m sitting in the airport waiting for my plane from Vienna to Frankfurt. I glanced at some duty free items but I decided I’d much rather buy these items at Nordstrom so I can get my points!! #nordstromaddict. Ulta and Nordstrom have ruined shopping for me. Now I never want to buy anything unless I get “points”. I will go on a 3 week trip and wait until I go home to buy the items I wanted haha. My hubby already bought me my birthday present though. Well I basically find what I want and buy it then I tell him it’s my birthday gift. Before I left I bought a vintage mini chanel flap bag and I also got to go on my awesome trip. I miss my handbags. I would never take a Chanel to backpack…..but I did take a Prada! Well a Prada Vela, I brought a Medium size. I have the larger size as a diaper bag also. The Prada canvass bags are great for travel.

Ok back to being 26. Right now I’m feeling I indifferent. Maybe a bit sad. Life seems to speed by after you hit 21. It feels like I was 21 yesterday. I do think I’m starting to notice little changes in my face. I’m going to get Botox when I get back home. If I can prevent wrinkles I will! I would never go to the extreme with a surgical procedure on my face but Botox I can do. I honesty don’t ‘feel’ any older. Haha this morning I found myself thinking about how adopted children sometimes lose they real age. I was trying to find a way to do that. I could get adopted and change my age to 24 haha. In my dreams right!

Happy Birthday Tom!


Tom turned 45 this Saturday. We went to a late dinner with some friends at a place in Denver called Rioja. The food was great! We had a great time at dinner. It was pretty booked so we settled for a REALLY late dinner at 9pm. After dinner we wanted to go some place with a dance floor to burn some calories off. We ended up going to Epernay Lounge. Luckily it was pretty close to the restaurant because it became pretty chilly that night. We finally found it after my friend kept calling it “Evernay” haha! Luckily there was no cover charge (awesome!) and it wasn’t crazy crowded. We had a super fun time dancing with everyone. It was just the right amount of ‘pep’ for a great night out. Unfortunately everything in Downtown Denver seems to close at 2am. They started kicking everyone out at 1:30am. We knew we had a busy day helping a friend move so we needed to get to bed. It was a really fun night and I’m so glad we got to share it with a great group of friends.