Camping Trip!

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This last weekend we went camping at Devil’s Head in Colorado. It’s a great little camp site close to Denver so it’s wonderful for a short trip. This would be Audrey’s SECOND camping trip. She is so at home in the woods. She is impossible to keep clean. On the drive down Tom had the great (not really) idea to get milk shakes. I’ve gotten Audrey milkshakes before and she has had no issues eating them in her carseat. Well this time she thought she needed to rinse her hair with her banana cream pie milkshake……… We discovered this mess once we took her out of the carseat at our campsite. It was baaaaaad. We are in the middle of nowhere with no running water and my toddler needs a serious bath now. I ended up warming some water and pouring it over her head. She was not happy but it had to be done.
The first night there we had neighbors who were pretty obnoxious. I can’t stand camping with close neighbors. Especially if they like to make tons of noise. Lucking they left the next morning so we reserved their spot for our friends who were driving up Saturday afternoon. Saturday was pretty bad because it rained the whole afternoon. WHAT IS UP WTH THE WEATHER THIS SUMMER? Usually it rains in the spring, and maybe a few times in the summer, but this summer it has been raining almost every day. It’s so different from the last 2 years when we had so many forest fires all around Colorado. I’d much rather have rain than fires I guess. Sunday was fun because we decided to go floating down the Platte River. This was our first time but wont be the last. It was so fun. There were many rocks we ran into and lots of ice cold water spraying us. Poor Audrey wasn’t happy. She was due for a nap so she cried half the time. The poor baby actually fell asleep on Toms lap in his inner tube. She was so cute in her little life vest though. We made it our of the river just in time to race back to the campsite and pack up.
Tom and I (well I) had to work fast to get things washed and put away because we are leaving for Cancun tomorrow! Getting home from a camping trip is hard because everything is SO dirty. Plus I am super OCD so I do inventory on all the supplies and write packing lists and organize everything. It’s nice when we leave for a trip because we just load the camping boxes and go. There is no need to make a shopping list to buy things like lighter fluid, matches, or anything because it’s already pre-packed. It just means that I have to organize it again after the camping trip. AND LAUNDRY…..oh everything smells like smoke so it takes some time to get rid of that. But it all got done Sunday night and Monday. Then I spend Tuesday packing and cleaning for our departure Wednesday. YAY Cancun.

Audrey’s FIRST Camping Trip!

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This last weekend was Audrey’s FIRST camping trip. We didn’t go last year because we dreaded having to wake up every few hours in a tent to feed the little one. Not to mention that it’s usually freezing at night and I’d have to hop out of the sleeping bag and breast feed the munchkin. So we skipped that whole thing and decided to take her now. She did great! She was so comfortable exploring and leaving us all behind. She walked around and rolled in the dirt, even ate some I’m sure. And she did really well sleeping. We made sure to check her in the middle of the night because she tends to kick the covers off. I loved our new Ozark Train Instant tent. It was amazing because it was super easy to set up and take down. I LOVE it. In our tent we had Audrey in her pack and play, Baron, and our queen air mattress. It fit us perfectly.

Roasting marshmallows was so cute. We were all doing it and Audrey really wanted to roast her own. She kept her marshmallow on her stick and just stuck it toward the fire. It was a cute moment seeing her trying to copy everyone else. The food on this camping trip was great. We made biscuits and gravy for breakfast, and eggs. We also grilled some chicken quarters and made home made mac and cheese. I LOVE cooking while we are camping. I love the challenge of creating meals outside of a kitchen. I love setting a grate over the fire and using the fire to cook everything. I really enjoy camping, but this time was harder. There was a lot of missed sleep and I was also very sick. I spent most of my time sneezing and blowing my nose. My poor nose is peeling at the moment because of all the wiping. Our camping trip was 2 days and I don’t know if we could take Audrey on a longer one. She just gets so dirty. All of us are dirty, but she is the only one rolling around in the dirt and eating charcoal out of the fire pit.