Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit DUPE!

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I purchased the Anastasia Contour Kit  a few months ago and I liked it but was very unhappy with the price. $40 seems a bit high in my opinion. I was browsing Groupon the other day and I saw this

The Aesthetica Cosmetics Contour Kit was being sold for $19.99 and my goodness it looks JUST like the Anastasia Contour Kit at HALF THE PRICE! Now this is something I can work with. I was so excited for a possible dupe and I ordered it. It just arrived today and guess what, it is a perfect DUPE. I would even guess that it came from the same manufacturer. These 2 palettes are identical in texture and color. Needless to say I am THRILLED to have found this DUPE. When the Groupon is sold out make sure you guys search on Amazon, I saw it on there too. WOHOOOOO I am so happy!

Spring Pink! Cheap Alternatives To Luxury Brands

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Right to left – NYX Harmonica #504, Tom Ford Chastity 01, L’Oreal 169, YSL Glossy Stain #18

I have been addicted to finding the perfect light pink lipstick for spring. There are SO many shades, brands, and finishes available HOW DO YOU CHOOSE!? I have pretty sensitive lips. I find that 90% of lip products out there will dry my lips pretty quickly. The four lip products I have for you today are high end and drug store. I am actually liking the drug store products more because they have yet to make my lips peel.

The most expensive is the Tom Ford Lip Color Shine in Chastity $48. When I first got this last week I was in love, but now that I’ve had time to use it I think it’s not worth the price. It is a very creamy lipstick, so creamy that you have to be careful to twist it all the way down or it will lose shape. I’ve also noticed that I constantly have to re-apply and it dries out my lips. If I’m paying $48 for a product I want it to be PERFECT. The case is gorgeous but the product wasn’t anything special. This is my first Tom Ford Lip Color Shine and I won’t be buying anymore. I will however be trying his lipstick because I’ve heard great things about those.

The next one is a YSL Glossy Stain in #18. These go for $34 and I am on the fence. The color doesn’t look baby pink in swatches but once its on the lips its almost identical to the others. This product has amazing staying powder. The texture after it’s first applied drives me nuts though. If you’ve used these before you know what I’m talking about. I wore this to the gym the other day and it stayed on throughout my whole class (which involves a lot of sweating) so I was impressed. My biggest con is that it also dried my lips out.

The last two are drugstore products. My NYX in Harmonica was only $4 and it is a beautiful baby pink with shimmer. I really like this NYX one because it’s so cheap and it hasn’t dried my lips out. I don’t like the strong shimmer so I tone it down with my Clarins pink gloss. I think it would be the perfect pink if it wasn’t shimmery, but for $4 I’ll take it and just use gloss.The L’Oreal Colour Riche in 169 Pink Plush is a glossy pink with no shimmer. It’s a very blue pink and it feels great on the lips. I’ve only owned this for a few days so I don’t have much to say about it. So far I’ve been very impressed with the drugstore dupes I’ve found.


Swatches from top to bottom – NYX Harmonica, L’Oreal 169, Tom Ford Chastity, YSL #18

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My Favorite Lipstick Dupe!

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I love my Too Faced lipsticks actually I love Too Faced makeup in general. But their lipsticks are phenomenal. They are so shiny and smooth with a good amount of color. They are $20+ a piece which is a big down side if you are on a budget……and lets face it, most of us are OR should be! I have been very interested in the the FLOWER cosmetic line that is starting to show up in Wal-Mart. Today I picked up a few lipsticks and one of them is a perfect dupe for my Too Faced, Naked Dolly. In the picture I have Naked Dolly on the top lip and Morning Glory by FLOWER on the bottom. As you can see they are very very similar. When I swatch them on my hand the Morning Glory looks a lot more pink, whereas the Naked Dolly looks like a pinky nude. But on the lips they are very similar. I paid $22 at Ulta for my Naked Dolly and it’s just about empty. At Wal-Mart I paid $6.95 for the Morning Glory by FLOWER. The color is a hit, but now I need to see how the FLOWER lipsticks wear. I hate lipsticks that dry out my lips and most of them seem to do that. The FLOWER case is a lot bulkier than the little metal case that Too Faced lipsticks have, so Too Face wins that one. But FLOWER seems to be busting out of the gates at full speed. So far I’ve been impressed with their color options and quality. This may be my ‘go to’ drugstore lipstick brand……eventually.