Rock Creek Farm


We went to a pumpkin patch last Sunday. It was lots of fun. The weather was great too. We had never been to the Rock Creek Farm before so we decided to try it. It’s North of Denver but not too far. They have THOUSANDS of pumpkins and they are all huge! It’s pretty cool because you can buy any pumpkin size for $6 each. At Anderson Farms they charge by weight so it ends up being a lot more expensive. Actually we thought Anderson Farms was expensive anyways last time we went there. Rock Creek was so large that you had to drive you car from one patch to the next, then you would drive to the corn mazes. They had nice covered picnic areas for people who wanted to bring their lunch – we did. They had a large kids area set up and they didn’t charge for parking OR the kids area. They only charged for the pumpkins and the corn maze. The kids area had barn animals……Audrey loved them haha. they also had a few bouncy castles and a hay bail maze. They had some zorbing that you could do there but that was an activity that they charged for unfortunately. But there was plenty to do even without the zorbing. We spent 4 hours at the farm.