Audrey’s FIRST Camping Trip!

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This last weekend was Audrey’s FIRST camping trip. We didn’t go last year because we dreaded having to wake up every few hours in a tent to feed the little one. Not to mention that it’s usually freezing at night and I’d have to hop out of the sleeping bag and breast feed the munchkin. So we skipped that whole thing and decided to take her now. She did great! She was so comfortable exploring and leaving us all behind. She walked around and rolled in the dirt, even ate some I’m sure. And she did really well sleeping. We made sure to check her in the middle of the night because she tends to kick the covers off. I loved our new Ozark Train Instant tent. It was amazing because it was super easy to set up and take down. I LOVE it. In our tent we had Audrey in her pack and play, Baron, and our queen air mattress. It fit us perfectly.

Roasting marshmallows was so cute. We were all doing it and Audrey really wanted to roast her own. She kept her marshmallow on her stick and just stuck it toward the fire. It was a cute moment seeing her trying to copy everyone else. The food on this camping trip was great. We made biscuits and gravy for breakfast, and eggs. We also grilled some chicken quarters and made home made mac and cheese. I LOVE cooking while we are camping. I love the challenge of creating meals outside of a kitchen. I love setting a grate over the fire and using the fire to cook everything. I really enjoy camping, but this time was harder. There was a lot of missed sleep and I was also very sick. I spent most of my time sneezing and blowing my nose. My poor nose is peeling at the moment because of all the wiping. Our camping trip was 2 days and I don’t know if we could take Audrey on a longer one. She just gets so dirty. All of us are dirty, but she is the only one rolling around in the dirt and eating charcoal out of the fire pit.