DIY Planter Umbrella Stand


Tom and I have always toyed with the idea of building a porch roof, but we didn’t want to commit to the cost. After years of having a deck and not using it because of the lack of shade, we decided to compromise and buy something temporary. I had seen some HUGE umbrellas in Ikea the year before and I thought they would work for us. Of course every time I go to Ikea I see other things that I NEED for my home – this time it happened to be throw pillows haha. But anyways, I finally found the umbrella at the end and it was 13 feet in diameter! It was the biggest umbrella I had ever seen actually. The umbrella was also on sale for $89.99….SCORE! Unfortunately things couldn’t have been this easy……. Most umbrellas require a base and  Ikea sold the umbrella, they DIDN’T have any bases left!!!!!!!!!! Seriously? They had 3 bases on the floor as models but they refused to sell them to us. We spoke to several managers and they all said “sorry we wont be getting anymore bases for this umbrella, but we can’t sell any floor models for another 2 weeks”. SO SO SO SO frustrating! We went to Wal-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot, and even a patio store. None had a base for such a large umbrella. Our only choices were to return the umbrella or make our own.


26 Inch Flower Pot
2 Inch PVC Pipe
Bubble Level

Tape the bottom of the PVC pipe so concrete doesn’t get into it. Hold the PVC pipe upright in the planting pot and pour in the concrete. Use your level to make sure the pipe is staying upright. I taped the level to the PVC pipe to make it simpler.


I used duct tape to keep the pipe still until the concrete cured.


We waited about a week before we planted flowers in it. I drilled holes in the pot for drainage, then I filled it with potting soil and flowers. Here is our finished product! So far it’s worked out great. Tom mentioned the other day, while sitting on our deck enjoying the afternoon, that he had never enjoyed our deck this much and the umbrella made the difference. Before the sun beat right down on the deck and it was just too hot. Now with some shade, we can enjoy the breeze and USE our deck now.